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Thursday, 28 February 2019

download Neusat Ni 7000 plus new software

download Neusat Ni 7000 plus new software

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Hello, friends today I am going to show you how to update the latest software Neusat Ni7000 Plus is sim card dongle receiver which supported mobile sim for using the scrambled channel of Dish TV.there tow type power use in this receiver Ac and Dc

Ac =220 and Dc =12 volts. In this modal Two software used in this receiver 1506 g and 1507 g, I'm providing you both software. I hope you will use this software to update your software version

How to update Software Neusat Ni7000 plus

  • First, check the STB information

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  • Now check what the version is this
  • after checking the software vision now download the software which u need like 1506 or 1507
  • after complete, the downloading put the software into USB
  • now plug the USB into the USB port
  • now press the menu button
  • and select the upgrade option
  • rnal-guid-b5714b63-7fff-b9a6-4ab0-b5f859eabefe"> select the software in USB
  • press ok button to update your software
  • now updating is a start
  • during the software do not power off your receiver otherwise your receiver we'll be dead
  • after completing software receiver restart automatic
  • checked your hardware vision again

How To update software in Neusat Ni7000 Plus

Watch The Video Tutorial

how to download software Neusat Ni7000

just click On the download

1506g latest software link click Below

1507g latest software Click below Link

How to open CCCAM option Neusat Ni 70000

press the Menu Button and go to multiMedia option press ok button to select multiMedia   

Press Code 1506 Quick

press ok  on Sharing option

1506,neusat ni 7000

Now Select one of your CCCAM lines for  Editing

Now Add you, CCCAM Line 

after completing software u need you are Channel search again I hope you're will enjoy this post  if your facing any problem please comments us I will help you inner QuickTime thanks for visiting our sites keep visiting for the latest software and also share my post to other people
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